We help empower people with strategies and resources they need to obtain and sustain the lives they envision in communities of their choice.

identify, educate, serve, advocate

Who we are

Coaching Solutions is a nonprofit organization located in the metro Atlanta area in the state of Georgia. Our primary mission is to identify, educate, serve and advocate for people in vulnerable populations. We assist our clients by providing them the guidance and the tools needed to achieve financial well-being through Representative Payee services.

Customized Solutions

Our services enable individuals to live confidently knowing we are here to assist with their daily essentials.
Our main objective is to improve the lives of those in our communities through services like:

Management Services

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Assistance & Guidance
for Beneficiaries

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Allocation & Distribution
of Money

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Payment Tracking, Maintenance & Assistance

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Case Management

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financial management services

case-by-case, person-by-person counseling

payment tracking, maintenance & assistance

allocation & distribution of money

assistance & guidance for beneficiaries

Management Services

What we believe

Every person should be treated with dignity and respect, and able to have the opportunity to be worthy of basic human needs.

We go by the books

We follow all federal laws and guidelines to ensure that we may serve as an Organizational Representative Payee for social security beneficiaries who need assistance managing their monthly expenditures, whether due to a disability, illness, addiction or any other reason causing hardship and stress of managing monthly bills. We function as a supportive partner authorized to help you, your family member or client on the road to financial stability and success.

A good decision should be based on knowledge and not chance.

We use safe, organized approaches and methods for all our clients. This includes functions like payment tracking & maintenance, allocation of money, or financial management services to help beneficiaries who need assistance in managing benefits.

Making our World a Better Place

We do our best to improve our clients financial stability, help them to sustain safe housing and further develop their financial skills. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing our clients move towards self-sufficiency and independence.

How may we help?

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